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Eco Philosophy – Love your Reef

Long Caye at Lighthouse Reef is passionately committed to the preservation and protection of both Long Caye and its surrounding reef. As stewards of the atoll, we are a socially and fiscally responsible organization and we maintain our ecological standards and principals. We seek to demonstrate to the world the achievements possible when people, passion and technology team up with nature to create an extraordinary user experience and a sustainable success.

Our core philosophy has been based on a belief that to achieve sustainability, it is critical and necessary to build conservation planning into development and economic planning, while also being aware of social goals. Without preserving the environmental asset, economic stability goals cannot be reached, and without economic development and dedication to social goals, conservation cannot be achieved.

We are collaborative at the core. Multiple institutions (from Belize and abroad) have and will participate in basic, focused and ongoing climate change related research at the facility built on Long Caye, Lighthouse Reef.  Through our presence and research activity, we hope to guide sustainable human activity for the entire atoll.

Lighthouse Model for Resilience + Sustainability™

Our Philosophy

Living on Long Caye is existing on a private island where you are an integral part of the eco-system.  You are part of how the island and the community stays healthy.  The Community on Long Caye (the development itself) is designed to promote and sustain the health of the surrounding tropical reef and jungle environment. Residents and businesses, understand that by honoring the Eco-guidelines we can “have our cake and eat it, too” by respecting the natural assets. Your parcel and home is a part of the overall design of all-encompassing, unsurpassed access to an extraordinary ecological system while ACTIVELY preserving the the Caye and its surrounds.  We have designed the community with a long term vision.

All of Long Caye is essentially a preserve. Stewardship of the surrounding environment is a core value for us. We take a long term, holistic approach to building community on Long Caye, through the mindful, yet aggressive, adoption of leading edge environmentally friendly technologies. We seek to demonstrate to the world the achievements possible when people, passion and technology team up with nature to create an extraordinary living and visiting experience. Our Conservation Ethos is enacted in perpetuity by the Eco-Guidelines – and they ensure that Long Caye will be here for future generations. As stewards of the atoll, we will not sacrifice our ecological standards or compromise our principals.

We hope to bridge the gap between the enjoyment of access and conscientious preservation of the natural environment – to prove that environmental assets can be preserved, protected AND enjoyed in a fashion that actually promotes the long term health of such assets for the greater good. Community and Conservation priorities are fulfilled with a deep and abiding respect for the Local Culture that has preceded us for centuries in the Lighthouse Reef atoll. We are friends, supporters and business partners to the fishers that have responsibly used the Lighthouse Reef for their livelihood for generations. We understand and promote sustainable business in the Atoll and on the Caye.